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I’m throwing back to my days writing for a website called Associated Content today. When the site that took over it’s content recently closed down, I got my articles back and wanted to share some with you. 🙂 Before I get to the post, how about a little humor? I loved this video I found on YouTube….

In Disney’s classic feature Cinderella, a young girl is basically treated as a slave by family who could care less about her. Finally, one day she is visited by a Fairy Godmother who allows her to go to a Ball that turns her entire life around.

JK Rowling explores a similar “rags-to-riches” situation in her Harry Potter series. Eleven-year-old Harry is an orphan. His parents were killed when he was a baby by the evil Voldemort. After their death, he is taken in by relatives who severely mistreat him. Like Cinderella before him, Harry’s relatives treat him as less than human. He is forced to live in a cramped space beneath the stairs and cater to his family’s every whim. He slaves away and isn’t allowed to have fun and make friends like his cousin. His only purpose is to serve them. You almost get a sense that both he and Cinderella accepted their place in the world and are not likely to challenge it too much out of both fear and a lack of self-worth brought on by years of mistreatment.

However, like the Godmother in Cinderella, Harry’s life is forever changed by the arrival of Hagrid. The letter offering him a place at Hogwarts were like the Prince’s call for the maiden who fits the glass slipper. In both cases, these rays of hope are dashed until someone (the Godmother, Hagrid) step in to make it a reality. And so, just as Cinderella was thrown into the world of a royalty where she is loved and treated well, Harry is brought to Hogwarts. Here, he is almost like royalty. Everyone knows him and most are anxious to meet the boy who managed to survive Voldemort’s attack. He is thrown into a world where almost anything you want is attainable by a wave of a wand and a couple of words. A place of magic, mystery, and friends who become his true family. A place where Harry Potter may finally be able to attain his own “happily ever after”.