As someone who liked the songs I’d heard from The Civil Wars, I wasn’t sure what to expect when the duo went their separate ways. Now, Joy is releasing a solo album and I was curious to hear what that would sound like.

I guess the first single, “What a Good Woman Does”, wasn’t a huge departure from what you might expect to hear. I thought it was a good song, but it ended up not being the track that got my attention.

“Sweet Love of Mine” sounded nothing like what I would expect to come out of a country artist. It kind of reminds of me of ’90s Dance music. The song starts off with a gentle sound that quickly changes as the beat kicks in. While the beat is a hard, her light and high-pitched vocals soar over the track, creating an interesting mix.

I think this is an awesome start to a career that I hope will go better than her previous venture. It sounds like she’s definitely got the talent to make a name on her own.