Wow. I knew that there had to be another Meg, due to the obvious difference in the voice in a couple of episodes I saw. I had no idea there were actually two other Megs besides Mila Kunis. I definitely think the right person ended up with the part. I love Lacey and Cree, but Mila’s voice just feels right for it.


meg griffin

Voice acting, it’s good work if you can get it. Especially if you’re only asked to read for a single character, not an entire small village, like Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer do on The Simpsons. Or Seth MacFarlane does for ALL his shows. Take Family Guy‘s Mila Kunis, for instance. The character she voices, tortured daughter Meg Griffin, spoke about 10 sentences in Sunday’s “The Simpsons Guy.” Kunis takes home between $175,000 and $225,000 per episode, so she made a cool $20,000 for each of her lines. Again, good work if you can get it.

You probably know that Kunis wasn’t the original voice of Meg, mighty fetch Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert was for the first season and into the second, but you might not be aware of why it happened. Here’s what Chabert told GameSpy, for some reason, back in 2006.

GameSpy: Now…

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