Wow. LOL! Well, that was unexpected. 🙂 What do you all think? Do you enjoy short pieces like this? What would you write if you did a 100 word challenge?

The BiaLog

Coming Clean

“Give me a break, dude. You ain’t a vampire.” Paul stood against the wall with his arms crossed.

“I am so. You heard of those killing up on Elm last week? That was me. I drank all their blood.”

Paul shook his head. “And why are you telling me this?”

“Cause it’s true, and chick dig the crazies.”

Paul chuckled as he walked over and sat next to his friend. “I know you didn’t.”

“And how is that?”

Paul pulled a knife from its sheath strapped to his ankle. “Cause I used this and didn’t bother cleaning up the blood.”

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