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You probably know that I am a big fan of Alexz Johnson. While her newest release wasn’t exactly my favorite, I do enjoy some of the songs on it and this is one of them.

The track talks about leaving a situation you know is no good. You pick yourself up and leave, better for the experience. It talks about being sad that things didn’t work out, but you’re better for the experience. Freer. Her trademark quirky, strong vocals are on full display, and I love the melody of the song.

As for the video, I think this is probably her more ambitious one yet. The filming and camera work seems more sleek than her previous videos, and it’s first one I can remember where Johnson is not either featured in a performance scene of lip syncing in some of the shots.

I think, overall, they did a great job of capturing the tone of the song and the emotions behind it. I think the last shot of Johnson on the pier, a smile on her face as she stands there soaking wet after escaping her ex by jumping into the ocean is a great illustration of the overall theme.

A really cool side note to this one: This video was actually funded via a site called Story Hive that allows people to get grants for creative projects. The people make a pitch video and them site users get to vote. Alexz was one of several people who won grants. There’s more to it, though. She and the others are currently up for more voting, and the top two will get an even better prize. If you want to help some indie artists, check out the page and consider casting a vote.