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Hello again. 🙂 So, I said I’d be changing it up here and there on Wednesdays with some pictures. I love going out and taking pictures of the wildlife and scenery. It’s relaxing and sometimes gets the muse fired up.

I guess it comes from being out in nature and getting active. It helps to get my mind flowing and my thoughts organized. I’ve gone over whole scenes from my stories in my head while walking. Lucky for me, I still remember a good chunk of it when I get back to a computer. LOL


Sometimes, it teaches me some other lessons as well. Squirrels are so fast and he looked like he was having fun, so I didn’t want to disturb him. I stayed back and zoomed in the camera and just watched as he played and dug around. Finally, I caught this one when he decided to settle down for a snack. Patience helped me get a shot I really like, and taught me to apply that elsewhere. That’s why I am being patient with myself now as I wait for some critiques on my second Lightworker book. There hasn’t been any writing since NaNo ended, but that’s okay. I’ll get there. In the meantime, I’m going to immerse myself in things that inspire and calm me. Can’t wait to see what comes through. 🙂 I’m sure my character Cassie is anxious too. She’s been stuck in limbo for a couple of weeks now.

So what are you doing today? Is there any certain activity that helps calm you and gets your creative juices flowing? Comment and let’s talk about it. 🙂 Until next time!