As you might have seen before, I love this show. It’s good to see others are jumping on board. Wait until they see what’s coming…. lol. 🙂 Really looking forward to the series’ return. I just wish all the cool cable shows didn’t take almost a year to come back from their break.

The Jas Files

The Americans imageThe Americans is kinda sorta but not really a throwback… It kinda is in that the TV show itself is set back in the 1980s during the Cold War with Russia, and it’s kinda not because well it’s airing on TV right now!

It’s a TV show that I’ve only just started watching, it’s a drama series but also has enough action to keep you interested. It centres around two KGB officers, Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, who are undercover as a normal American married couple with two children. It also has a main focus on an FBI agent named Stan who is working to try and stop the KGB.

I am actually really enjoying this show. I’m not sure how realistic it is in terms of the double lives that the KGB officers are leading or even how the FBI agent deals with his family issues is, but it is…

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