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So, there are a few things I’ve been introduced to lately. One of these is thanks to CP Bialois, who discovered an old favorite was airing again.

Hee Haw.

Yes, you heard that right. He’s been watching old episodes lately and got me to sit down for a few. Some of the comedy is a little iffy, but I usually love the musical segments. I’ve gotten so used to seeing some of these artists now when they appear on the Grand Ole Opry or a CMT/GAC special, so it’s really cool to see people like Crystal Gayle when they were much younger and just starting out in the business.

One of the artists I’ve been introduced to through it is Dave and Sugar, a trio who sounds amazing when they sing together. Some of the harmonies gave me chills. Seriously? Look ’em up.

I also liked watching Roy Clarke, who I was also introduced to through this show. He’s a great vocalist and instrumentalist and there is something about him that’s fun to watch. He just has this joyful vibe about him that’s contagious.

So what else have I been introduced to lately? Stay tuned! I’ll leave you with a little hint….

Hasta Luego!