Love this post so much! She really nailed exactly what I think, and this is the whole spirit behind #WhitesWyrdWorld. Being “weird” is cool. It makes you interesting and fun. 🙂

What are you going to do today to embrace your own weird?

Lisa Jakub: author, speaker, retired actor

Me. At my wedding. Me. At my wedding.

I’ve always felt like I was weird.

I’m goofy and dorky and awkward. I make faces like that when I’m supposed to be a composed bride.

Sometimes people stare at me. There is pointing. And whispering.

I didn’t go to school the way most other people did. I had different experiences and I didn’t know things that other people knew about. I didn’t know how to play hopscotch or jacks, I knew how to play poker and craps – those were the kinds of games we played on set.

I was super insecure about that. I liked my job as an actor, I enjoyed working, but I also felt ashamed because it made me different.

I felt like I’d never fit in anywhere.

But I’ve realized that the vast majority of people feel like they are different for one reason or another. They think that they don’t fit…

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