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Hola! Remember how I said I had a couple of new obsessions and I told you to stay tuned? Well, this is the second one.

Maria Mercedes

This is a Mexican Telenovella that followed the story of a poor begger who ends up becoming rich after a chance meeting with a dying man. I’d say I’d be worried about giving away too much of the plot, but it follows your typical soap opera thing: the dying rich man has a grudge against his family, who is more than happy to see the man dead so they can control everything (especially the aunt). The poor girl has an alcoholic father, a mother who abandoned her, and siblings she must take care of. The aunt is a total over-the-top villain, and the show is marked by one coincidence after another. For example, Maria’s crush just happens to be one of the relatives the dying man wants to get revenge on by marrying Maria so she will inherit his fortune.

It was one of those so-bad-it’s-good things. I really got a lot of laughs out of it and found it to be really fun to watch. Maria may be a bit stupid, but she’s a feisty and fun character that made me laugh in quite a few scenes (especially when she launched herself at the one guy who told her she couldn’t sell her lotto tickets because it was his territory).

The series starred Mexican singer/actress Thalia, and the main antagonist was played by her real-life half-sister. If you’re looking for some cheesy entertainment and you want to learn a little Spanish, I’d recommend this one. Funny side-note to this: I went to a free Spanish class after watching two of the discs. We were doing a brief scene one of my group wrote and they were impressed with my pronunciation.

So what is something new you can’t get enough of? Are you a fan of Maria Mercedes or Thalia? Comment and let’s chat about it.