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So, today I am featuring an artist I’ve gotten the chance to talk to several times via the Indie Review show and on my own YouTube channel. She’s released a new story book, and I’ve asked her to tell us a little about the project and what inspired it. Here is what she had to say… 

Once I completed “What Are Dreams Made Of?” (Sep 2013), where Aoede the Muse has a reoccurring nightmare (a nyxmare), I knew I wanted to return to Aoede’s adventures in Wonderhaven. I have always been fascinated by both Greek mythology and by magic. I started researching everything I could about the history, definitions, and views of magic and ties to mythology through the ages. (Characters Aoede, Hecate, Zoroaster, Mormo, Empusa, and Lamia in the story start from a basis in Greek mythology). At the same time, I wrote a song called Chameleon about an outsider who always feels like he has to change colors to fit in. These two pieces provided the creative spark for Aoede’s next musical story.

She shared the cover art with me, as well as a link to get more info about the project. Check it out…. I think the cover art is amazing:

cd cover 300 dpi

If the story and cover art grabbed your attention, you can learn more about the project here and sample the tracks on Amazon. You can also get to know Aoede a little better by checking out the interview I did with her. Enjoy, and I’ll see you next time!