I’ve mentioned Jennifer Pena here before. She’s the singer who rose to fame after sending in a condolence video to the Quintanilla family following Selena’s death. Selena’s father recognized her talent and invited her to sing at a Selena tribute, eventually working with her on a full album.

After several albums with the Q Productions and EMI Latin family, Jennifer went solo and began experimenting with her sound, her best record being the most recent one. Since that recording, she’s taken a totally different path in her life, opting to step away from the secular music world and focus on her faith.

Today, she occasionally performs inspirational/gospel numbers at church events/conference/etc. Since today is #MondayMotivation on Twitter, I thought this one was a very fitting video to share. It’s got such positive lyrics and upbeat sound.

What do you think of the video? Are you liking the direction she’s taken? What’s one of your favorite songs from her musical past? I’d love to hear about them.