As a pet servant and a fan of Haikus, I couldn’t resist sharing this today. 🙂 Do you all like poetry as well? What kind of poetry is your favorite?

By the Mighty Mumford


Compilations filmed,

Situations staged for cats

Laughter track in place!


Let sleeping cats lay,

Pester them another day…

Give poor cats a break!


Pussy cat kicks door,

Viewers rolling on the floor…

Not over that yet?


Funny noises cat,

Pulling tails to get all that?

No subscriptions here!


Cute little kittens

Falling off a kitchen shelf…

You do thus for wealth?


“Mirror Cat” is back,

Anticipate an attack…

You s cream at me…WHY?


Jump out of nowhere,

Those flying felines on stage…

Landing is the joke!


–Jonathan Caswell

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