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Mari Mar CoverIf you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have been having fun watching the Maria telenovelas starring Thalia. Since they were not related (different characters, etc.), I chose to watch the second of the three last and just recently finished the series.

Mari Mar follows the story of a young girl who lives in a beach hut with her grandparents. One day, she decides to steal some food since they are all hungry and gets caught.

Luckily for her, the son of the house’s owner comes along and takes offence to the way the worker who caught her was behaving, so he let her off the hook. He even promised her she could come back any time to get food as needed.

Things get crazy once, as is typical in the Maria novelas, the son decides to marry Maria. Here are some of my favorite moments and some WTH moments:


  • The settings are great.
  • Mari Mar becomes pure awesome when she decides to start fighting back against the antagonists.
  • The requisite happy ending that marks these things.
  • I really liked the actor that played Mari Mar’s father. He had this great presence and a voice that just commanded attention.
  • Overall, I thought the acting was pretty good.


  • A dog that mentally comments on like every little thing that happens? I swear, I cracked up for a good five minutes at the first instance of that. It got slightly less amusing as it continued on…
  • Rather than let her husband just go and play a sport for big money so he can build their house, she decides to shoot him in the leg so he can’t go? And he still ends up falling for her and re-marrying her?
  • Mari Mar actually falls for the step mother’s trap after being warned by people in the house that she is bent on getting rid of her?

With all the crazy, there is something addictive about these shows. I find myself oddly fascinated as I watch the characters do one completely stupid or insane thing after another. At the same time, I also find myself a little uncomfortable with the snobbery and classicism that marks all three. Every one finds the poor Maria immediately targeted by the evil rich people who are determined to get the “trashy” and “vulgar” girl they deem beneath them out of their lives for good. I also am disturbed and amused by how easily the characters in these things will marry someone for revenge or to annoy someone.

While some of the messages are problematic, I do like how it brings complex issues in one’s mind via the silly plotlines. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching the Maria novelas, it’s this: people, no matter how rich or how poor, are not always what they seem– you have to give them a chance to see the human being under the surface.

So what do you think of these stories? Are you a fan? Never seen one? Comment and let’s chat about it!