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fetching fairytale
Once upon a time there was a writer named Jamie.

She lived in Florida and spent her days spinning tales to entertain her fellow paranormal geeks. She spent her spare hours inspiring herself with music, crystals, books, and good TV. Plus exploring Tarot, Reiki, and other practices.

One day: She found that she’d been passively sitting back as she waited for others to make her dreams a reality. She had grown complacent and gave up her own power.
Instead of allowing this perilous situation to defeat her, she came up with an idea to take back her power and tell the stories that ran wild in her mind.
Her Happily Ever After moment came when she completed a new story and received a beta critique yelling at her for what she’d done while also praising the story. The strong reaction filled her with joy and made her glad she’d taken the chance to get the story off the ground.