What a sad story, but it makes me smile to see that even though she and her family are dealing with a heartbreaking reality, Delaney has now fulfilled her biggest wish. I have my issues with Taylor Swift, but I can say that she is awesome for doing this for Delaney and her family.

Dr. Shay West

Yesterday afternoon was perhaps one of the most amazing afternoons I can remember in a long time, You see, I live in the same town as Delaney Clements, the spirited, fabulous dancing queen who has been fighting a battle against cancer for the last five years. She and her family got the gut-wrenching news that Delaney’s cancer had spread to her brain and that she was out of treatment options. For those of us that have followed this warrior’s journey, this was such a huge blow.

But she didn’t let that get her down. Delaney asked everyone to be happy for her, that her pain would soon be over. In an interview, she said she wanted her tombstone to say Delaney Clements in small letters and Fabulous Dancing Queen in huge letters since that’s how she wants people to remember her. She came home to spend the time she has left with…

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