As a massive #Music geek, I can totally relate to this poem by my friend, @JadeRowan79. What’s your favorite song?

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Good morning everyone! Today I’d like you to join me in welcoming the return of a regular poet, JadeRowan Restrepo.

What Moves You by JadeRowan Restrepo

There it is again
You never get tired of it
No matter how old it is
You’ve never aged
it always manages to brighten up a smile
It makes your head hold up high
It creates that familiar rhythm
It takes you on a natural high
It gives you a certain fire
It makes you feel you can do anything
You are unstoppable
You’ve found your world
Your body is in its natural dance
So what’s your favorite song?

Awesome poem! Thanks for sharing, JR. I think we’ve all had a song or two like this. 🙂

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