Another new #Music discovery, this time thanks to Michelle. 🙂 She’s got a fascinating voice. She’s got so much emotion in her delivery, and I love how she goes from a kind of rough tone to a high pitch so effortlessly.


Happy Music Monday Guys, hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I had an awesome holiday and birthday, but I’m happy to be back here showcasing very talented Artists!:)

Today’s spotlight is on folk-fusion songstress, Zoya!

a fun plus 109


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Storyteller and avid traveller, Zoya, is carving a home for herself in the indie folk music world. Unmasking her conscience in her confessional songwriting and orchestral arrangements, these revelations gather Zoya’s experiences and understandings of the lives with whom she has brushed shoulders.

Beginning the journey in her birth country, India, her childhood home in Southern California, and unearthing countless countries in between, Zoya has developed a genre that stretches across all borders. Zoya kept up with her roots by intertwining the inescapable allure of the North Indian music tradition through her entrancing vocal style that is coupled with intense, stirring harmonies, and eclectic instrumentation

As a graduate from the world-renowned…

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