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Annie Van SinderenNOTE: This post originally appeared on New Age Mama. I received a copy for review purposes, and the opinions here are mine alone. 

A few years back, I was given a book called “Risk” by Dick Francis. I was told at the time that it was a fascinating book in that it’s a mystery with no dead bodies. I couldn’t help thinking of that book as I read this one.

This is a ghost story that never mentions the word ghost. It’s danced around, or another term is used in place of the word, which I found really interesting. This story follows two characters, mostly: A young man who is taking summer film classes in hopes of transferring to New York, and a young woman who keeps randomly appearing and disappearing from his life.

This has been one of my favorite recent reads. I loved the characters. They felt real, and I could relate to them, even when there were moments when they weren’t at their best. I liked them, and wanted to see them succeed. In particular, I felt for Annie as she makes some hard realizations. I really don’t want to say more, because I fear I’d be spoiling the book. I will say that the parts with Annie were well-done, and I think it was a great concept.

I’d recommend this one for fans of YA, New Adult, and historical novels. This one is definitely going to be re-read by me.