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Okay, so you probably haven’t been able to hide from the fact that River Song returned this year in the Christmas special. That said, you might not have seen it (or the season yet). If so, you might want to stop here. If you have soon it, or don’t care, just follow the cut…

So, you may know that The Doctor has had a rough season– especially the end of the season when he lost Clara and ended up dealing with the Time Lords again. The Christmas special was billed as a “lighthearted romp” to counteract the darkness we saw this season.

It sure starts off awesome, with the Doctor hanging a sign on the TARDIS saying that carolers will be criticized. And then it ends up going to this…

How I have missed River Song. I think she’s one of the most entertaining characters on the new series, and I like how she just pops in and out of his life, always involved in some crazy adventure. given Moffat thought this might be his final episode at the time, I’m thrilled he decided to bring her back.

This episode was an instant classic for me. I absolutely loved the twist he did on River’s very first episode. In that one, The Doctor had no idea who she was. This time, it’s River who does not recognize him, as he wasn’t supposed to be able to have any new faces after eleven. This made the episode hilarious, as we watch him deal with the fact she has a new husband and other secrets she inadvertently spills to him.

So, why are they crossing paths again? River is in search of a diamond that happens to be implanted in the head of her new husband. She sends a minion to find a great surgeon she intends to get to take it out and the adventure continues from there. The episode is filled with awesome River lines, and great interactions between her and Capaldi.

Unfortunately, around half-way through the episode, we discover Moffat lies. This is not an entirely lighthearted romp at all. I won’t say a whole lot more than that, but just trust me and watch the episode if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s seriously one of the best adventures I’ve seen yet, outside of Eleven’s finale, and the 50th.

Thank you, Moffat, for a great episode and to the actors for their amazing performances. Here’s hoping that we will see River again in some form one day. If you have seen it, please share your thoughts. 🙂 If not, let me know what you think about the season in general. Until next time!