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Hey, guys! So, the other day, I came across this video in my news feed and had to share. As an ’80s kid, I love hair metal, and this was one of my favorite ones. Sebastian Bach’s voice is incredible, especially toward the end of the song.

The lyrics to this one are also awesome, and a great example of poetry in song. As a huge lyrics person, that is a huge plus, and something I would love to see more of.

As a funny side note, around the time this one came out, Mariah Carey came along and blew everyone away with her voice. I remember thinking at the time that if he and Mariah did a song together, it would be untouchable. I would’ve loved to see the old Mariah and Sebastian rock it.

So what do you all think? Do you love this one as much as I do? Is there another song you like better? I’d love to hear about it.