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Note: This is a review I did for New Age Mama. All disclaimers apply.

SoM StoryThe Sound of Music is possibly one of my favorite films of all-time. The odd thing about it is that, despite being a massive music geek, I never really liked musicals until more recently. This movie has always been the exception.

While the book has an almost overly sentimental feel to it and, at times, goes overboard praising the stars and the specialness of the film, it’s still a fascinating read. Long time fans will know a lot of the information presented in this book, but there is also plenty that may be a surprise.

The book explores almost every aspect of the film, as well as the music and people that inspired it. There are whole chapters devoted to the stage version, the search for actors, the behind the scenes issues that threatened to halt the film before it even got off the ground, and more.

The book is also filled with quotes from cast, crew, and the real Von Trapps that brings a personal aspect to the narrative. It allows fans to see just how the film impacted both the real family, and the ones that played them onscreen.

Finally, it goes into the Sing-a-long phenomenon that has brought the film to a whole other level, as well as the sometimes-controversial live adaptation of the stage play starring Carrie Underwood. Overall, it was a very satisfying and engaging read punctuated with old photos of the cast and crew, plus new images of the movie family today.