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So, I was never a huge fan of musicals. In fact, The Sound of Music was the only one I really cared about. Considering what a Kids, Inc. and music fan I am, that’s odd, but true. One more was added to that list when I was in college.

A talent night was planned, and participants were asked to find songs from musicals or movies. I ultimately ended up choosing “Hopelessly Devoted to You”, and my love of Grease started. Imagine how happy I was to see that the only two Musicals I’d seen and/or cared about were the first to be produced by their respective networks!

Grease Live did not disappoint. I’m going to break down my highlights from the evening…

The Opening.

Wow.  Watching Jessie J make her way through the studio as she sang “Grease is the Word” was awesome, and it set the tone for the whole evening for me. It was a unique and fun way to not only introduce the actors, but to give us a glimpse of just how massive this production really was.

The Music.

In particular, I am talking about a few performances. Keke Palmer’s number was great, as were Julianne Hough’s perfomances. She really nailed the Olivia sound while also putting her own voice into it. I was also very impressed with Aaron Tveit’s performance of “Sandy”. He hit some great notes, and redeemed himself after being so-so on his vocals until that point. And can I also just say I loved Carly’s original number?

Boyz II Men.

If seeing them do that note from “Motown Philly” during “Grease is the Word” wasn’t enough, I nearly lost it watching them perform “Beauty School Dropout.” Their harmonies were just as smooth and perfect as when they were ruling the charts, and I hope this brings them back into the public eye more.

The Little Touches.

The audience went wild when the original Frenchy (from the movie) appeared during the opening, and I was so glad to see her involved. It was nice to watch her interact with Carly, and you could just see how much she was enjoying seeing someone else play her role after all those years. I also thought it was cool to see Jan Brady in action as the auto shop teacher. Now, that was a total shocker. I hadn’t heard a word of her being involved before I saw her name in the opening credits.

Overall, I thought it was a great production that nicely married the stage and screen versions, while adding little touches of their own. The production values and the scale were huge, and FOX has seriously upped the ante for Live musicals. As I said in a tweet….

Your move, NBC.

So what did you all think? Did you enjoy it as much as I did, or are you more partial to the movie? I’d love to hear what you all thought. Until next time…