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If you know me, you know I am not a huge fan of reality shows. In fact, I have tended to only watch those that are either educational or centered on music. It was a reality show that first introduced me to this pair.

Can You Duet? was was a competition series on CMT that sought to find the next great country duo. While Joey+Rory were not the winners of the series, they definitely made an impact. I’d also say they, despite their third-place finish, became the most successful duo from the show. They were definitely one of my favorites, mostly because of the humor in several of the songs and the obvious love and faith they shared.

One of my favorites is their debut single, “Cheater, Cheater.”

It’s sad to know that, with Joey’s passing, there is no new music to come from these talented artists. Still, they have a great catalog of music she left behind. They also have inspired and touched many as Rory documented their journey through her illness on his blog, which also has a great backlog of posts talking about their careers, dreams, and their little girl. Rory’s writing style is honest and moving, and I will definitely continue to follow it if the days and years to come.

Have you heard of this duo? If so, what’s your favorite of theirs? If not, who is your favorite country duo? I’d love to hear about it.