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I am not a huge fan of remakes/reboots in general, and I cringe most of the time when I hear a show is being brought back. Fuller House was no exception. I read the concept and couldn’t help thinking, “they just redid everything.”

Upon watching it, I found I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. For every similarity, they throw a little twist in. Yes, they are basically having DJ walk the same road her father did, but DJ’s husband was a firefighter who died in the line of duty.

Yes, Kimmy is the goofy friend that moves in to help out. The twist there? Kimmy is estranged from her Latino husband who has a wandering eye, and she struggles between telling him to get lost, and giving him another chance.

And, yes, Stephanie is the wild, music-loving sibling who is mostly absent from her nephews’ lives until tragedy brings her into the domestic life. The twist? Stephanie is more of a DJ than a singer (although she is working on the singing career), and Stephanie’s party-girl life and desire to help her sister has another motivation behind it.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that bring some serious moments to the show, which I enjoyed. They also has plenty of in-jokes and moments of breaking the fourth wall (see the premiere, when it’s announced why Michelle isn’t there). As awkward as the pilot got, the show settled down nicely in later episodes while still maintaining the nostalgia that is no doubt a huge draw for potential viewers.

One of my favorite moments was in the premiere where DJ has a mini-breakdown. I think that was nice acting on Candace’s part, and some good writing too. Overall, I enjoyed season one and am looking forward to seeing where everyone goes from here.