This is SO right. I had the displeasure of actually reading the original post and messages this person sent to the author in question. I was seriously stunned. I couldn’t believe that someone would be so rude, and so entitled.

The original post is no longer visible,but sharing this can keep the conversation going and spread the word so that others are aware of what’s happening. Please, never let your work (whatever it may be) be devalued in this way.

If you would like to help your favorite authors, please consider signing the petition asking Amazon to change its policy.

And So On...

This happened to an author of my acquaintance. She got an email from a “fan” and the gist of it was this:

Dear Ms. Author.

I really like your books. I think they are well-written and I enjoyed reading them. (So far, so good, right? Hang on.) However, I have returned them all because you priced them at $0.99 to $2.99, and that is too much to pay for them. I can’t afford to pay that much for a book, even though I liked it. In the future, can you make sure you make all your books free so I don’t have to return them?

And, when the author in question blocked this “fan” (and it seems, reported her as an abuser of the return system on ebooks), she sent another email chastising the author for blocking her and forcing her to open a second account (presumably to harass the…

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