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Jamie Lynn might be known as the younger sister of Britney Spears, but she’s making a name for herself as an artist in her own right. After leaving the spotlight when she became a teenage mother, she has emerged as an adult with a sound that is pure country.

The EP, The Journey, consists of five songs. Each one showcases Jamie Lynn’s classic country vocals and relatable themes. The EP opens with “Shotgun Wedding”, about a girl who finds herself in a situation way beyond her years. The track has a mix of traditional country sounds, with more modern rock influences coming in during the chorus.

“Run” keeps the traditional influences coming with some peppy Keith Urban-esque sounds that give the song a fun energy. She sings about wanting to run off to “where everything’s sacred and nothing gets done.”

My favorite by far is her debut country single, “How Could I Want More?” The track is a slow song where she muses about a perfect guy who “loves me. He swears that’s what he’s here for.” I love the breaks in her voice and the way she can control the power that comes in it during the chorus.