One of our favorite podcasters was featured on CP’s “The Poetry Corner” today. I absolutely love what he wrote. If you’re a poet and want to be featured, check out the post. He’s always looking for submissions.

The BiaLog

Good morning everyone, and welcome to The Poetry Corner! We have a new poet with us this week, so please join me in welcoming Raz T Slasher!

Abandon Ship by: Raz (June of 2011)

I was there although you didn’t see
You never seem to notice me
You appear to walk through me like I’m a ghost

Just one touch and I’m placated
One more kiss to keep me jaded
You’ll never give me what I want the most

I’ll stand beside you till the day
When you decide to go away
You’re not the first to leave, won’t be the last

Tear my heart right out of me
Rip it up and leave me be
Just another reef I’m sailing past

Sooner or later everybody goes
For reasons that remain unknown
The winds of change propel me on for more

The tides are churning in my sea
My ship…

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