I really enjoy her blog posts, and she makes a lot of great points. In this one, she talks about the hard parts of being a writer. I love to point these things out, not to discourage people from writing, but to give people a realistic expectation of what to expect once they start writing that first book.

Realistic expectations are a must that will keep you going through the tough parts. Why? Because, while I love dreaming big and expecting abundance to come, for so many, it doesn’t. If you’re grounded in a love of storytelling, you’ll be so much more prepared to handle the tough parts.

This doesn’t just apply to writing, either. Whatever you dream or goal is…. go for it for the love of doing it. 🙂

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I happened to see this meme (above) on Facebook and I lost it laughing. This is such a great metaphor for what it is like to be a writer. In the beginning I was a rose, then I learned to become the dandelion. The dandelion might not be as pretty, but it is prolific and it is a survivor.

When I decided years ago to leave sales and become a writer, I had a far more glamorous idea of what it was like to be a professional writer (pieced together from movies). Additionally, it didn’t help that my first “novel” was so much fun to write.

Of course it was fun! I didn’t have to be constrained by these pesky things called “rules” and “craft.” I was like some kid banging away on a piano believing I was, in fact, making music.

Yet, when I joined a writing group and…

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