A very well-written post from someone we met at a writing group last night.


Ali Painting

Muhammad Ali has passed. While saddened, I wasn’t shocked. Certainly I knew that this day would come. As a matter of fact, a friend made a Facebook post asking, “Did you think he would live forever?” As I thought what to make of that question, I realized that in some sense, the Champ had passed several years ago. As he slipped peacefully into his own head, stricken with Parkinson’s syndrome, he was allowed to become almost God-like in my eyes…always present, but silent, a beacon of peace and power.

In a way, I was glad that this disease left him frozen in time as a symbol to so many. I have no doubt that his light would have been strong enough to bring rationality to many of our chaotic problems of today. Whether in Ferguson, the Middle East, our own political arena, I know in my heart that the Champ…

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