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I was worried about this one. When it takes me up to track four to actually like a song, that’s not a good sign! However, once I hit that mark, I found (with a few exceptions) a lot of songs I loved. (Not to mention #MuseFuel) Here are the highlights…

“Just Like You”: I ❤ the mix of reggae and hip-hop influence I hear, and her vocals are awesome. I especially love the chorus, where she sings, “I’m crazy just like you. I’m tainted just like you.”

“A Little Work”: This one has a stronger reggae influence, and has some great lyrical content. The songs talks about how we all have scars or weaknesses to overcome.

“Life Goes On”: This is a toss-up for favorite song of the CD. It’s a pop track filled with #PositiveVibes that is all about going for your dreams, while also trying to keep some balance. I love the line, “Reach the unreachable, acheive the unacheivable. In the midst of all the madness, remember life is beautiful.”

“Save It Til Morning”: This one has been called “Big Girls Don’t Cry, Part Two” by people in music forums, and I have to agree. I see some definite similiaries between the two. Awesome track that continues her tradition of vulnerable lyrics and vocals.

“Love is Blind”: This one has the heaviest reggae influence of the album, and is just fun to listen to. I have to admit that the video for this one is part of my love for this track. Seriously, you have to check it out if you haven’t seen it. So messed up, yet so cool!

“Love is Pain”: This is the other contender for best track on the album, IMO. I heart the rock influence that comes in later in the song, and her vocals are so vulnerable. You really feel the pain in the words. It’s also got a pretty cool video:

So, have you heard this one? Do you agree with my picks, or do you have other favorites? Let’s chat about it…