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So, some of y’all know that I have a fascination with a strange novela that translates to “Without Breasts, There is Paradise.” It’s a continuation of a show that was out about eight years ago (Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso) about a young girl who jumps into a life of prostitution in order to pay for implants that she is convinced will help her be rich and famous, hoping to escape a life of poverty.

This series (Si Hay) follows the original protagonist’s sister and her family as they fight a war with Yesica Beltran (alias “La Diabla”), the original protagonist’s former friend and Madam. In the second season, Catalina la Grande (original protagonist) returns after everyone thought she’d been dead for the past twenty years. In that time, she became a TEA agent and has dedicated herself to fighting the drug lords that she once thought could bring her a better life when they only ended up bringing her misery.

I’ll try and make sure to do a couple of video blogs to catch up more, but I thought it would be fun to share the reactions I post daily to each night’s episode as a blog. Here are a few random ones from the first week. I’ll try to do this once a week, and fill y’all in on the fun.

Week One Reactions: 

  • Well, Diabla… this is what you spoil the crap out of your psycho daughter and teach her you can buy her anything in life. Not sorry to see you go, though, Dani. Although I do wish you’d been able to kick the crap out of Mariana before you left.
  • Really, Santiago (Cata Grande’s husband who abandoned them when he thought Cata Grande took off with a drug lord)? Esto otra vez? You know what happened to Cata, yet you apparently went back and stayed with that psycho bitch that had a baby without telling you. NOW you think you get to beg her to take your butt back? She gave you six months to get your ass right, and you apparently didn’t. Why don’t you and your psycho daughter go get some therapy, stat?
  • Speaking of psycho daughter…. naming the baby Cata as well. That is so beyond petty. Please go fall victim to that curse now.
  • Writers…. LEAVE. VALENTINA. ALONE. Hear me? And while you’re at it, let’s add Sebas, Cata Grande, Ximena, Vanessa, Jota, and Nachi to that list.
  • So, wow… Cata 2 (Season 1 protagonist and sister of Cata la Grande) is going to start the same bull again huh? Girlfriend, let me say this again so your slow ass can understand: he. was. drugged. If your ass is smart enough to go to law school, you should be smart enough to get that. Also? You knew this baby was coming, and you still moved your ass in with him. Learn to cope, or leave.
  • Cata la Grande was amazing this episode. LOL! I cracked up at watching her and the new bodyguard’s interactions, as well as her schooling the Diabla wannabe. I just wonder what her end game is here.
  •  Holy shit. Diabla has dead Daniela preserved in her home and she takes her for car rides! Wow. This show is freaking nuts.
  • Telemundo, no me asustes asi! I thought you were going to have agent cannibal (her former boss who kidnapped her and turned out to be a serial murderer who eats his victims) kidnap Catalina la Grande again. I see you haven’t gotte bored with those fantasy/dream sequences. Sigh. I  Catalina la Grande for the tongue lashing she gave her bodyguard after she found that the Martin had, in fact, been in her room.
  • Speaking of scaring me… I don’t like at all how Ximena (friend of Cata la Grande and fellow former prepago) is so paranoid over Valentina and how she’s not teling Valentina about the curse. You really better not have something happen to her. 
  • Hmm… minimal Dona Hilda (mother of Cata la Grande and Cata 2), Cata 2, and Mariana. So this is what you get when you don’t waste time on the crap characters. Let’s keep it up!