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Just when I thought novelas can’t get any crazier, the writer of #SinSenosSiHayParaiso apparently decided to go, “Hold my beer.” Not only do we have a cannibal on the loose that is a former TEA agent, a villain who decided to keep her dead daughter’s body on display in her home, and a bruja that has cursed Las Chicas Del Barrio, now they have gone to insane heights with the latest developments.

The past week or so, Dona Hilda, Jota, Vanessa, Paola, and Albeiro have been in another town trying to track down Dona Hilda’s ex (and the father of Cata la Grande) to (hopefully) find his daughter and see if they can end the curse that has taken at least 3 (maybe 4) of the original Chicas’ kids, as well as pobre Ximena. This is where the shit has really gone insane. The grandfather they found in her ex’s old house (who Paola and Jota found MUMMIFIED a day or two later) has supposedly been dead for 15 years. Not only that? Paola hears her dead daughter speaking to her in the hotel they are staying at and follows it to the bathroom where she literally disappears. The rest, of course, freak out when they realize she’s missing and go to the police. When they return to the hotel, it is closed up and looks abandoned. The best part? The cop tells them the place has been closed for ten years now. Also? Dona Hilda and Vanessa note how they don’t seem to be able to find a road out of town. As if it couldn’t be crazier? At the end of the latest episode, we see that Paola is now being held by Catalina la Grande’s witch half-sister, who says she’s the one who will decide Paola’s fate.

In other, more annoying, news, the curse still has not claimed Mariana, who I am convinced is either thinking she can pull a scam on El Titi, or is mentally ill. She goes from crying over her baby daughter and how she has to leave her now, saying she’ll be better off this way, to showing up at El Titi’s house to tell him he’s the daddy and talking about staying there with the kid. The huh?

In more “the huh”, Cata 2 is apparently suffering from the same mental affliction. She goes from being bound and determined to prove that Nachi isn’t the baby daddy to get him away from the kid and Mariana to wanting to adopt her should Mariana not come back for her daughter. Like seriously? And still no more than a brief cry over dead Ximena and her missing best friend.

And what the hell is going on with Santiago? Like, really. His psycho ex pulls a gun on him, talks about killing Cata Grande, and even her doctor says she’s insane and needs help. What does daddy doctor the dumbass do? He leaves said crazy ex alone (somehow unconcious, though I never saw anything indicating HOW she got that way) in her bed while he goes downstairs to find out who was at the door, and then leaves when Cata Grande calls. Nowhere in this scenario do I remember seeing him calling someone to come stay with his son, or to collect the insane woman who was just brandishing a gun. Sigh. This is why Cata Grande never should have taken him back.

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The other novela I’ve been watching, #LaPiloto2, follows the continuing story of Yolanda, a young woman who dreams of being a pilot. In season one, she was tricked by her superior (a fellow stewardess who was played by the original La Diabla of the Sin Senos franchise) into helping transport drug money. When Yolanda discovers the truth about what was in that bag, she ends up getting forced into staying in that world. She then meets John Lucio, a narco who teaches her how to fly. There’s a love triangle between than and Dave, a DEA agent.

So, this season is called “A regreso al cielo”. In only the first week a few episodes now, Yolanda gets a job as a commerical pilot, is about to get married to Dave, and is on the verge of adopting a kid (who, if I’m remembering right, is the child of her late friend).

At the same time, Santamaria, the villain who held Yolanda hostage is plotting revenge against Yolanda for messing up his life by joining with the Russian Mafia (who broke him out of jail). Their business model, by the way, appears to be massacreing opposing strip clubs and forcing their employees to join them instead. That leads to our first of several “poor Yolanda” moments in only ONE episode.

Dave ends up having to miss the wedding to handle the massacre business, leaving poor Yolanda alone, humiliated, and not looking very good in front of the case worker who will be deciding whether or not to give them Arley. So far, the kid is living with them on a trial basis. The second moment occures when said kid is kidnapped off a plane Yolanda is piloting by Santamaria. She also has a co-pilot who seems to be way too into her business.

After the kidnapping, Yolanda is now scrambling to keep the case worker from finding out. She’s also been contacted by her narco ex with information about the Russian mafia who is helping mess up her life, has her home blown up, loses a friend, another friend’s father is beaten up, and Yolanda is chased two different times by the bad guys. And the first week isn’t even over yet! Told y’all these are crazy. Suddenly, I’m not feeling like such an evil writer…

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