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Besides the action in Salem, I’ve also been covering lots of happening in Port Charles, the fictional town where General Hosptial takes place. I’m not sure which show is more insane, but this one is definitely bringing the feels this week. Check out the what I had to say about the show this week…

Monday had us scratching our heads, as our favorite amateur detectives (Maxie Jones and Peter August) missed a very crucial slip from another character, while Anna Devane is going down a very bad rabbit hole.

On Tuesday, Dawn of Day (a cult operating in Port Charles) took the spotlight as lovable crime boss Sonny Corinthos and family try to save his daughter from their influence.

Another storyline gets some time Wednesday as the only slightly-more compentant than her NBC courterpart Jordan Ashford gets some hard questions from her son about her health. Dawn of Day is never too far behind, though, as we find out a surprising connection to another character.

Finally, we get back to one of my personal favorite stories since I’ve started watching: Ryan Chamberlain, the serial killer who took over his twin brother’s life for a time to bring destruction. Thursday, The mother of one of his victims finally gets a lucky break in her vengence plan.