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Welcome to another week in the insane world of soap operas, and General Hosptial definitely lives up to that. This week, there’s a lot of sadness going on, though, as a more serious and depressing plot is getting back into the spotlight. Let’s see what went down. You can see last week’s action here.


Friday’s episode made us curse the writers massively for all the Oscar Nero scenes. Like seriously, what evil entity came up with this depressing story? At least an unfortunately slip by another character could end up being epic later on…

Monday, there’s a mutiny in the works as Valerie and Chase decide to disobey order to figure out what’s going on with Kristina. And we honestly can’t say we feel bad about that one.

Tuesday had us shaking our heads over this obvious attempt at luring Ryan out of hiding, as well as Alexis and Sam’s recent blunders. Those are causing some major problems lately.

One Wednesday, the writers proved how truly evil they are with the send-off of Oscar Nero. Seriously, this one was tough to even write about, because of the way it was handled. Ultimately, an interesting way to end the story.

But wait! There’s apparently some evil left to spare, because Thursday’s episode deals with the aftermath, while also giving some time to a couple of other storylines going on.