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This week has been a pretty eventful one, now that a lot of the pain and drama of Oscar’s loss is starting to wind down. Other stories are coming back to the front burner, especially the very creepy Dawn of Day. Let’s see how things turned out this week. You can also check out the previous week’s wrapup here.

Last week ended with Kim finding a sweet memorial to Oscar on Friday. Elsewhere, Kristina is learning some very hard truths about Shiloh and DoD as her family tries to save her from the cult.

Let’s start with Monday’s drama that is sure to erupt at the upcoming annusal Nurse’s Ball. Kevin and Ava are pretending to be a couple to lure his evil twin out of hiding. Port Charles is not responding kindly…

Jasper returns on Tuesday to help Joss deal with Oscar’s passing. Also, Anna is starting to realize what her real fake memory might be, which could possibly complicate things for a certain budding couple.

His return definitely seems to be positive when we see him and  Joss related to the pain of seeing someone through their final days Wednesday. In other news, Willow is completely freaked out by seeing her alledged kid is falling into the hands of DoD.

Thursday, we see Willow looking primed and ready to take legal action as Brad and Lucas clash about over Brad’s need to lean on DoD to deal with his anxieties.