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This week has been leading up to a very special event in Port Charles: The annual Nurses Ball. Between the plot Ava’s got going, and the Dawn of Day sting about to happen, it’s sure to be a memorable event. Let’s see how things looked this week. You can check here if you missed last week’s.

Last Friday saw Ava getting a little too into her role as Kevin’s girlfriend, as she strives to bring his twin to justice. How did Kevin handle it? Check it out…

Monday was all about pain again, as a memorial is held for Oscar to his specifications. They even managed to add a surprise in that will ensure people in town remember him for a long time to come.

On Tuesday, Ava’s plan begins bearing fruit. We find out that Ryan does, in fact, have a helper and doesn’t appear happy to learn the lastest Port Charles gossip about his obsession.

We have some somewhat lighter moments on Wednesday, thanks to Finn and Robert. Robert is still holding on to a key piece of jewelry that is making Anna jump to uncomfortable conclusions.

Finally, Sam caps things off Thursday by getting help to trap Shiloh commiting assault in connection with her DoD initiation. We’re also calling soap medical care into question after seeing Carly’s latest scenes.