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Music’s been a huge part of my world for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I would use it as a way to escape the chaos that was my childhood. The loneliness and fear. It was a sanctuary that let me express a lot of things that I couldn’t at the time. Now, music’s evolved into something else for me.


I mentioned in another post how music is like a meditation for me. I still love to just play aggressive stuff and dance/let out anger at times. And I really love to connect with the inner child through some of my favorites from the ‘80s and early ‘90s. But more so, I’ve been looking to use it as a way to support my spiritual journey. This is where I loved finding this next song.

New fave

So, I got introduced to Molly Sandén through the movie Eurovision. I did an article about it here. It was such a great film, and it left me with so many emotions. But my favorite part was the music, of course. Near the end of the movie, the female lead sings a song called “Husavik”. It’s a beautiful song that I immediately downloaded from my library’s website. But it made me curious after learning the real singer was a Swedish artist that didn’t appear in the movie. I looked her up on YouTube and quickly fell in love with another song.


So, today is kind of a weird and divisive time. There’s so much anger out there, and this song is like a healing. It’s called “Youniverse” and it talks about how we’re all one and all part of the divine. One of my favorite lines is, “Stars wrapped up in skin. The light comes from within.” This is such an awesome message and so needed. So, I wanted to take a minute to share it here on my blog. I’d love for any suggestions of similar songs you know of, because I’d love to add to the playlist. Anyway, for me? This song is a wake up call to connect with and lead from your inner divine. To stop worrying about the superficial differences between people and look for what connects us. And the music makes it a perfect thing to dance to and add some movement to your day.