If there’s one thing this whole year has taught, it’s how important it is for us to rely on our own personal power and intuition. For so long, we’ve put a lot of value on celebrities and wanted to see ourselves reflected in media. It gives a sense of belonging and validation. But this is a symptom of a huge problem and it’s time to start looking deeper.

Falling away

First, it’s obvious that the old is falling away. Every day, we’re seeing more evidence of the hypocrisy of our current systems as well as the people we’ve put so much value and emphasis on. We allowed other people to tell us what’s right and wrong. What we are or aren’t capable of. We allowed them to put limits of us. Lie. Divide. To lecture us on morality when they are no better than anyone else. But now, we’re seeing the truth. These are not people to admire. They’re not better than us, nor do they have the answers any more than we do. Looking outside ourselves doesn’t work anymore.

Conflicting messages

We have been told for years to celebrate our differences. To love what makes us unique, and we became so invested in that, we took it too far. Now, we put so much of our value on the superficial things like color, age, sex, etc. Overall, we’ve allowed it to define us so much so that we have let it pull us away from the fact we’re all one. We’re all a part of the divine and all here for a reason.

Unfortunately, there’s another message we get at the same time. One of a society and media that pushes us into a one-size-fits-all box. We’re told to follow the masses, or you risk being shunned by people online. People even turn their backs on friends or family because of not going along with the crowd. For some, the online harassment finds its way into the real world and those who don’t go along with the accepted thought are targeted, harassed, and bullied.  Why?


We’re being conditioned to turn away from the divine, from nature itself. Because an awake population sees the truth and they won’t stand for the lie. So, old systems are still pushing to keep the old ways going, but this year is so full of energy that brings awakening. Truth. A deeper connection. A whole new way of being. And our own personal uniqueness is vital to that.

I saw a video recently about the whole mask situation and a deeper issue with it. As in, we’re taking away a part of how we express ourselves and our souls. Our expression. Our smile. And that’s why we need to work on doing what we can to nurture and connect with our souls, intuition, and creative fire. It’s time to really speak and express yourself and your truth. It’s time to connect deeply with your soul through meditation, journaling, etc. and act on your inner guidance.

But we also need to connect with our hearts, and I totally recommend making sure to work with your heart chakra. I love the “My Heart” chant by LeAnn Rimes on YouTube for this. It’s part of her Chant: The Human and the Holy record. When we connect more with that space, we act and speak love. That love is going to help make things a lot better as we move into that new way of being. And going within to embrace that love, and the divine inside will be way better than any outside gratification in the media.