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The Stains trilogy has a special place in my heart. It was my first series, for starters. It’s also the trilogy that connected me with some cool people and taught me a lot about book releases as well as writing/editing. Here I thought I would share some fun facts about the series. First, a little #MuseFuel I used for book #1…

  • A reading I did following the challenge that seemed to back up the fact not all of this series was fiction…
  • The first one was 100% pantsed. I seriously started that book with one image in mind: a girl burning at the stake. I sat down to write the scene, and it flowed from there.
  • Fiona was named after the lead character so So Weird.
  • Two characters who play a part in this series did not exist at the end of my first draft. I’ll let you guys decide who they were. 🙂
  • I choose to have an amethyst stone play a part in this series because of it’s metaphysical properties, especially it’s ability to enhance intuition.
  • Book #2 had a completely different ending in my first draft. I re-worked it quite a bit before submitting it.
  • When I sent the first book to a beta reader, I got yelled at because of something that happened with a particular character.
  • My favorite scene of the first book is the carnival scene.
  • The climactic fight in #2 was completely different at first, and I actually ended up using a small bit of that original scene in a different work.
  • Stephanie ended up being one of my favorite characters to write in #3. I particularly like the vibe between her and Fiona.
  • The dish I have Fiona order in #1 is actually one of my favorites.
  • The metaphysical store that makes an appearance in all three is loosely based on one I go to.