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©2011-2014 Jamie White. Please do not claim any of the content on the site as your own. If you would like to share things you see here, please do. Just be sure that you give me and any other appropriate parties proper credit. Registered & Protected

Posting/Site Policy

Oh, yay! Don’t you just love these boring legal pages? Yeah, I thought so. Don’t worry… I’ll keep this simple. If you’re under 18, be sure you have permission from your parents before using my site. If you’re over 18, you are an adult and are responsible for your own postings and what you choose (or don’t choose) to do here.

The forums and my blog are a safe place to chat, explore topics, and see what advice I or others may have. As a safe place, there will be NO harassment, name calling (seriously, that kind of stuff is not cute once you’re out of kindergarten), or illegal stuff (taking credit for someone else’s work, telling people HOW to do illegal things, posting downloads you have no right to, etc.).

Let’s have fun here and explore together. Share experiences so others may learn from you. Don’t take anything here too seriously and look shit up instead of just blindly accepting what any one person tells you. It’s fun! All the articles, posts, videos, etc. (including the 20/20 e-book) is informational only and is not intended to replace the advice of trained professionals.

Finally, the opinions I express in my blog posts are my own. Basically? If I recommend it, I think it totally rocks. If I don’t? Well, I just won’t bother mentioning it at all.  If I get payment for something (like with an occasional Maverick Promotions host), I will say so and will never take payments to review anything.

With all that said…. let’s have some fun! 🙂


When you sign in as a member or give info to this site to post, people will likely be able to see that. Choose the info you decide to give out wisely. Same with my newsletter. I do not hand your information over to anyone and do not condone anyone doing that. If you are on my mailing list, it is because you personally filled it out. I will NEVER add anyone to my mailing list myself, as it’s against SPAM laws. If you choose to unsub from my newsletter, there’s a handy link provided in each issue of White’s Wyrd World you receive.

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