My Favorites

Here are some of my favorite websites online. Why not stop by and give them a look?

Author CP Bialois Writer of Call of Poseidon and the soon-to-be released Sword and the Flame and Skeleton Keys.

Michael R. Hicks Bestselling Amazon author of the In Her Name science fiction/fantasy series and other novels.

A good Facebook friend of mine and a wonderful artist, Stormy Haney! She did CP’s cover for Sword and the Flame (A future book) and is working on the Skeleton Key cover! She’s also hilarious and kicking our butts at NaNoWriMo.

One of my favorite singers from the 80s:

I just discovered this blog thanks to NaBloPoMo and I love it! Check it out…

Just Your Average Sane Psycho Super Goddess

A blog I just discovered by a fellow NaNoWriMo author. She has some great pics and other stuff posted.

A funny twitter friend and author who will be guest blogging for me in February, Julie Anne Lindsey. Definitely check her blog out…

The photo geek in me loves this one (Usyaka). If you’re a cat lover you’ll also enjoy it, there are some stunning shots.

The awesome LM Stull hosted me on her blog recently. She’s the author of a new book titled “A Thirty-Something Girl” and has her site here. Check her out! She keeps a blog there and will point you to other great writers/bloggers.

This is a fun site with a couple of blog hops and some cool writing prompts:

My blog button

Need more inspiration? The challenges on this site will help out with that as well.

A wonderful writer and great twitter friend:

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