My Favorites

Here are some of my favorite websites online. Why not stop by and give them a look?

Author CP Bialois Writer of Call of Poseidon, The Sword and the Flame series, Slasher, Skeleton Key, and more.

Also, there’s the awesome Denise Lhaman. She’s the one behind mine and CP’s book covers, as well as a special project coming from CP. You’ll love her art.

Fellow author and co-writer of a project coming soon, Laura DeLuca.

Another great author and friend, Dawn Sullivan.

One of my favorite spiritual blogs, Soul of Everle

Another favorite of mine is Astra Empowerer.

A few of my favorite YouTube accounts about spirituality: Aaron Doughty, Ella Ringrose, Haley Gutierrez, and Rowena Tsai.

An awesome satire account, Awaken with JP.

A few great reaction channels: Billy You So Crazy, Jamel AKA Jamal, and India Reacts.

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