The Lightworker Series

“I have a surprise for you. If you walked into this room, you are a lightworker.”

These words, spoken by a Reiki master during a weekly circle, brought the world of #LearningMe and the #Lightworkerseries to life.

Inspired by not only a simple statement, but paranormal favorites and telenovelas, #LearningMe tells the story of a young woman whose entire world turns upside down after she learns everything she knew about herself was a lie.

The book, and the rest of the series, draws on these influences as Courtney struggles to deal with the truth, as well as the places this truth leads her to. She learns hard lessons and is changed dramatically, but through that journey, she finds her purpose and discovers a resilience she never knew she possessed.

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Learning Me

Courtney dreams of being a professional actress one day, but her parents have always been against it. Their disapproval and disinterest in what she loves most has always been a source of resentment, but she refuses to give up on her dream despite their feelings about it.

When she’s given the chance to audition for an indie film, Courtney’s thrilled but wary of her parents’ reaction to her news. They, predictably, forbid her to do it, and force her to choose between following her dream and keeping the peace at home.

Her decision stirs long-repressed memories of her childhood that lead her on a search to get to the heart of their objections to her acting dream. No longer satisfied with the explanations they’d given long ago, Courtney begins a search for answers.

Courtney’s search for the truth leads her in a direction she’d never imagined. One that will make her question everything, and everyone, she knew. Even herself.Genres: Paranormal Fiction, New Adult, Coming of Age.

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Exploring Me

Months after learning the truth about herself, and being betrayed by someone she trusted, Courtney Thompson is a changed person. Nearly crippled by anxiety and bitterness, she struggles to adjust to college life. She is ashamed of the person she’s become, and tries to hide it from her boyfriend, Sam.

To deal, she loses herself in the one thing that can make her forget it all: acting. While preparing for an upcoming production, the male lead asks her to help him run lines. Although thrilled with the chance to get onstage in some way, his presence unnerves her. There’s something about him that draws her attention and confuses her.

Now struggling with guilt over her potential attraction to him, this stranger leads Courtney to confront the past she once wanted a connection to, but she’s now running from. What happens next will change everything.Genre: Paranormal Fiction, New Adult, Coming of Age

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Rebuilding Me

Courtney Thompson’s world has been shattered. Consumed by grief and guilt, she’s closed herself off from the world. Considered a danger to herself, Courtney’s being held by people she wants nothing to do with.

Making things worse are the horrifying nightmares of the very person and events she wants to forget. It gets so bad, she’s lost her sense of reality. Elaine Wilson has been assigned to help draw her out of this shell, but Courtney fights her at every step.

Santiago Martinez has just begun following in his family’s footsteps when he comes across a wild-looking girl who seems so lost, he can’t help but feel for her. She’s rude and violent, but something about her calls to him. He’s determined to help this woman who’s been so broken by their enemies.

Will Courtney emerge from the darkness she’s been lost in, or will she fall victim once more to the people who made her this way?

Genre: Paranormal, New Adult, Coming of Age

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Reclaiming Me

After spending the majority of her 18th year being treated for a mental breakdown, and having confronted the person responsible for all the pain she’d been through over the past year, Courtney Thompson is now taking her first steps to getting her life back – she’s back in school, getting involved in the drama department again, and forming some friendships.

On top of the changes in her life, Courtney’s being called to make a decision about her fledgling relationship with Santiago Martinez, a man who works with the people who helped her through the past year. She’s falling fast, but she isn’t sure that’s a good thing. His work terrifies her, and she fears dealing with more heartbreak. Meanwhile, the enemies who have been responsible for her pain are still out there. Enemies who still have big plans for her, and are closer than she realizes. Can she finally get her life back on track, or will they finish her off for good?

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Defining Me

Despite her love of the stage, Courtney feels a pull toward her past and the work she’s avoided. When she announces her decision to return and her intention to work with him, Santiago becomes evasive and tries to talk her out of it. His behavior worries her and makes her think she’s marrying a stranger. When she presses the issue, he makes a startling confessionmthat will change the course of her life yet again.

Four years after surviving another attack from her enemies, Courtney Thompson has found peace. She’s engaged to her boyfriend, Santiago, and living her dream of being a professional actress.

Abigail Flores is a young woman who hates being watched and keeps some questionable company. When one of her clients makes an unusual request, Abigail gets far more than she planned. Suddenly in the middle of a war between good and evil, Abigail has to decide who she’ll align with.

Will Courtney be able to handle the secret Santiago’s been keeping from her? Can Santiago get Abigail on their side, or will the enemy win?

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Confronting Me

Years ago, Abigail Flores was forced to leave behind everything she’d known after a reckless decision made her family fear for her future. Since then, she’s worked hard to put her past, and the reputation she earned, behind her. When she suddenly comes face-to-face with a person from that past, she finds herself falling into some old habits that might just leave her vulnerable to more than a broken heart.

Meanwhile, Courtney’s been assigned to help protect a young woman with a gift that the enemy doesn’t want her using. While the physical danger is real, Courtney believes that there’s a more pressing threat to her charges’ safety.

Will Abigail’s moment of weakness put more than herself in danger? Will Courtney be able to save her charge from herself?

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Challenging Me

It was supposed to be an easy job. Courtney and Santiago Martinez are charged with keeping watch over a young woman who’s close to inheriting the special gifts of their people, a task meant to avoid the betrayals that cost her and their people so much. The sudden disappearance of their charge complicates things, and leaves Courtney with a sense of guilt and responsibility she can’t shake at a time when she’s already weakened by what she fears is a new attack on her personally.

Things get worse as one by one, people disappear under seemingly mundane circumstances that lead them to believe their enemies have a new plan to destroy them. Will Courtney manage to fight through this latest setback to find the missing people, or will their people finally face defeat?

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Losing Me

For years, Courtney Martinez has lived in danger from her enemies, as well as the mental scars left behind. She thought she was ready for anything at this point, and finally found some peace. She was wrong.

Visits from the astral world make it clear the danger to her and her son, Diego, is just beginning. Can she survive this latest threat, or will she finally meet the same fate as her birth mother?

Abigail Flores has been enlisted to help her twin, Courtney, make sense of the messages she’s getting. Using the psychic gift that is stronger when they work together, Abigail sees a devastating vision. One that will change the course of her life forever. Can Abigail prevent what she sees coming, or will she lose the most important person in the world to her?

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