As a relatively new Whovian, I can totally get behind most of these recommendations. I do have an issue with Ten, so I wouldn’t necessarily start there, but most of the others are excellent choices. 🙂 If you’re starting with the 11th, you can’t go wrong with “The 11th Hour”. Just watch it on DVD, though, as the reruns tend to take out some great moments.

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      So, you’re new to Doctor Who and want to start watching. Well, read on! There’s a couple starting points you can take. I’ll break down each potential starting point below as well as include episodes that can be skipped. The difference between starting points really bogs down to a balance between the introductory elements to Doctor Who and the position of the good episodes relative to that.

Episode Numero Uno (Season 1, Episode 1)

First Doctor

    Starting from episode numero uno is definitely not recommended for the average viewer. Doctor Who has been airing for 50 years and it went on hiatus in 1989 before being revived in 2005. The average viewer need not bother to start with the pre-revival episodes as no background knowledge is needed to watch starting from the first episode of the 2005 series. If you’re a hard-core fan, do watch the pre-revival…

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