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Not long ago, a friend of mine loaned me her DVDs of Thalia’s “Maria” telenovellas. The first one, Maria Mercedes, got reviewed here and I did overall enjoy it. I think, however, that this one was better. Here are some of the things I loved about it.

Maria La Del Barrio

  • The acting was overall better than Maria Mercedes. Thalia clearly learned and grew by this time, and I think it allowed me to enjoy her character here even more.
  • Sorayo Montengro. She is possibly the most bitchy, evil character ever. And I love her for it. LOL. The actress was definitely the strongest link in the show, and I’m curious to see some of her other work.
  • The grandparents. They were pretty much the only reasonable characters in the whole thing, and probably the smartest ones.

Things that amused me…

  • Maria going suddenly insane after learning Luis Fernando wants to divorce her.
  • The ridiculousness of Soraya releasing a tarantula in Alicia’s bedroom in order to make her look even more insane.
  • The amnesia subplot that lead to the stupidity of Cecilia poisoning Dr. Daniel’s kid in order to get rid of Maria (cause apparently everyone must initially hate Maria and want to get rid of her).
  • The total snobbery that marks all the series so far.

Things I hated….

  • That maid. The busybody who pranced around through most of the series giving smug looks as she eagerly eavesdrops on her bosses. This was usually followed by her gleefully spilling all the dirty gossip that came her way.  Of course, there was one scene where I found her pretty entertaining.  A guard catches her snooping outside the courtroom where the De la Vegas are trying to prove Soraya is evil and tried to kill Nandito, as well as Esperanza. The maid is asked why she is just listening at the door instead of going in the courtroom. She replies that she prefers to learn about things this way.
  • The DVD editing. They cut out SO much my head was spinning, leaving the characters’ back-and-forth attitudes confusing. They aren’t showing most of the meat that might have made the transition better.

Overall, I enjoyed the series and would probably watch it again. Although, there are probably some bits I would skip over. Have you seen this show? If so, what did you think? If not, what other series has earned the “so bad, it’s good” title? I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time!