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Hello, I’m happy to host the Cyberpunk Fantasy, Indie Short Film Project called Monstrum from 4CW Media Productions,expected release date in Spring 2019. Screenplay written by Michelle Cornwell Jordan.

Please support The Monstrum Project Kickstarter! All funds will go towards completing editing on the short film and launching the six episode web drama. #Clickhere >Down with Somnium

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Summary: Monstrum is a diverse cyberpunk fantasy where Virtual Reality is an addiction called Somnium, and AI’s want to rule the world. 🙂


Behind The Scenes Look!

Producer Notes: Michelle Cornwell Jordan:

The Plan For Monstrum

Monstrum’s focus on addiction to the fantasy drug Somnium (Virtual Reality Escapes) is our way of bringing attention to the tough topic of addiction, but in a way that we hope will educate on the real life effects of drugs, alcohol, excessive gaming etc. (In 2018 the World Health Organization stated Gaming Disorder as a thing…check out link: Gaming Disorder). Hopefully viewers will be inspired by our main character Dominique Coutee and her friends, as they work to overcome their addictions and challenges. Plus we hope the film/web drama is entertaining! We’ll also deal in the Web Drama, with the subject of self esteem and encouraging individuals to be comfortable with who they are…and the dangers that can occur when attempts are made to be something they’re not. Also most importantly in our film/web drama…AI’s will try to take over the world!:)

Where the Idea for Monstrum Originated?

Check out our production video at the link, where myself and co-producer Brianna R. Jordan discuss where the idea for the film/web drama originated and the thoughts behind the idea of creating a Monstrumverse. #Click Monstrumverse Video

Check out the Faces of Monstrum (Cast/Crew)

BTS Photos

Monstrum Cast and Crew

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Caesar Crew

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Shadow Group (Hackers)

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(Filming a scene outside the Somnium Den) Left to Right: (Blue Hair) Dominique Coutee, Emile Caesar and (Artificial Intelligence Humanoid TAE) *see below*

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Also, a special deal for authors or business owners:

If you sponsor Monstrum starting at just $5, we will place your cover and/or logo in our Sponsors section of the web drama. This will be included by Jan 2020 when web series is done.

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