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Ready to find out what happened in Salem this week? Check out this week’s recaps on Daily Soap Dish to find out what you missed. It was seriously a rough week, as one character says goodbye.

Monday, Kate was tossed out as CEO of DiMera because of her recent near-death experience. If I was one of the stock holders, I’d really be freaking out this revolving door that company has….

As for who is taking her place, Tony runs into some trouble with Anna over this new job on Tuesday. She’s not a fan of him involving himself in DiMera business.

Wednesday, Ben has to admit he was wrong about Jordan. I still don’t trust that girl. She just gives off pyscho vibes, so Ciara better keep watching her back.

Gabi is still suffering from Stefan’s loss on Thursday. However, she does finally have a couple of things to keep her from spending all day in bed. One is revenge, and the other involves DiMera…