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Just thought I would give a bit of an update on what’s been up lately and what to expect on the blog over the next few days and weeks. First off, I’m happy to be sharing a guest post tomorrow from the awesome Marni Mann, author of Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales. She’ll be talking about seeing her book for the first time and sharing what she hopes her story can do.

I guess you noticed there was no specific post for 52 Books in 52 Weeks this week. I have been swamped with books I’m reading for future blog tours lately so those are pretty much taking up my reading time. One of them, The Priest and the Peaches, was my book this week. Currently, I am reading Tundra 37 by Aubrie Dionne for a blog tour I’m looking forward to participating in and should have that finished in the next day or so and then it’s on to The Forever Girl for a specific 52 Books read. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them.  You can see a full schedule of guest posts, blog tours and blog fests I’m taking part in here. That all said, let’s talk Super Bowl Sunday.

I’m not really a football fan but there is one thing I love about this day: The Puppy Bowl. It’s one of the most adorable things I have ever seen and a genius way to showcase adoptable puppies. If you haven’t seen it, tune in this year! They take animals that are up for adoption and put them together in an enclosure designed to look like a football field. Here’s a little behind the scenes look from the Animal Planet youtube:

To me, there’s nothing more entertaining than watching animals interact with each other. I seriously have to restrain myself from calling to adopt these dogs every year. How about you? Are you still plugging away at the 52 books challenge? Do you have a favorite thing about Super Bowl Sunday? What features would you like to see included on the blog in the coming weeks? Comment back and let’s talk about it. Til next time! Don’t forget that the new season of The Voice will be airing the Super Bowl.