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I wrote this as part of Bitten Twice’s writing group. The Challenge was to write one thousand words including variations of three random words that were picked off the top of our heads. They were: Golden, Sail and Shit. Each word had to appear once on its own in separate paragraphs as well as together in one. Enjoy 🙂

Golden flecks danced in Izzy’s eyes as she walked through the living room. Her keen ears perked up now and then, hearing strange sounds she couldn’t identify. She wanted to find a nice place to rest for the afternoon, and the living room was one of her favorite places. She trotted over to the couch, preparing to jump up when she noticed it.

The dog. The annoying mutt was curled into a ball in the corner, which just happened to be her favorite lounging spot. How dare he? Didn’t he know that it belonged to her? Izzy contemplated making the annoying beast move, but memories of her last attempt made her think better of it. The people who shared her home had been furious with her- they’d taken away her favorite mouse toys and chased her off any furniture for days! She’d clawed one of their favorite chairs to teach them a lesson but all she got was more yelling for her efforts and admonishments to “use the scratching post”. How could they expect her to do that? It didn’t feel as good as a couch or the coffee table. The humans who made it were obviously mentally deficient or something. If they’d had any sense, they would’ve made it differently. Izzy’s cries of protest did little to change her human’s minds.

Having come up short in the living room, the cat decided to try the kitchen. There was a nice box there her people had brought home some good smelling stuff they wouldn’t let her have in. She liked it when they brought boxes home; they were comfortable and great to claw at. Plus, she rarely got into trouble for clawing at them. Well, unless she was clawing it cause she made a mess there. Hey, she had to inform her people the litter box wasn’t up to the cat’s high standards somehow! Sadly, though, it usually led to her hearing “there is nothing wrong with the litter box; use it!” and the box disappearing. Humans just don’t understand!

She looked around, trying to find a spot with plenty of sun. The counter looked like a good option; it was big and there was a big patch of sunlight right in the middle coming from the large window. She once again crouched down, preparing to jump. She pushed off with her hind legs and sailed through the air. She gracefully landed on the counter, walking in a circle several times before curling up into a ball. She was just dozing off when a female voice called out, “Get off that counter! Izzy, you know better than that!” The cat whined, but once again, her protests were in vain and she was off to the man’s office. There was a really nice leather chair in there she liked laying on- it was pretty nice on the claws as well!

Before Izzy could claim it for herself, she was once again foiled. “Don’t even think it, girl- Daddy’s about to use it.” She turned and gave him a pleading look, begging for the chance to stay there. He sat down anyway, and another spot was lost to her. She was just about to go look for another room when the man said, “You can come over and sit in my lap if you want, girl. Just don’t pest.” He patted his leg and Izzy’s eyes sparkled as she recognized the gesture. He was going to let her sit with him. Not as good as having the chair all to herself with no witnesses, but it would do. His lap was pretty comfortable. She trotted over and hopped up, hearing a loud “ouch” as she landed. An “oh shit” look came onto her face at the sound- she hadn’t meant to hurt him. “Careful, girl,” the man said gently. “Those claws hurt!” Satisfied she wasn’t in trouble, Izzy curled up in his lap and dozed off.

After a few hours of napping, Izzy was woken by the sound of her human’s voice telling her to wake up and scoot. “I’ve gotta get up girl,” he added as Izzy let out a plaintive mew. She didn’t want to get up from her spot- it was cozy. Knowing it was useless to argue, she jumped down, letting out a small hiss to let him what she thought of his request. He reached out to give her a light smack on the bottom for it, but Izzy was ready for that and moved too quickly for him to touch her. She raced back into the kitchen for some food.

To her disappointment, that mutt was in there too. Not only that, he had the nerve to be eating from her bowl! Izzy walked over, taking on an aggressive stance and mean look. The mutt, sensing her approach turned around and saw her, backing away from the bowl with an “I’m sorry” look on its face. He’d better be, Izzy thought, helping herself to what was left in the bowl.

Feeling energetic from her meal, Izzy spent the next couple of hours racing through the house, batting toys and chasing bugs. Her people had left the house, giving her the freedom to play wherever she wanted. Some things got knocked over in the process. Izzy knocked into something that made a large crashing sound as it hit the floor, but she didn’t pay it any mind. The cat nip toy was almost hypnotic for her. In the time they were gone, she also managed to take off that nasty collar she didn’t like, knock that nasty bottle they squirt her with down and chase the dog around. That also led to some things falling and the puppy hiding from her. She couldn’t remember having so much fun before!

She had just sat down on the couch to rest when she heard a familiar sound- the people were home. “Shit, what happened here,” sounded a voice. All they saw was a golden blur sailing through the air.