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Now that the ladies have left Wysteria Lane and Voice hopefuls won’t be trying to turn those red chairs until Spring, I find myself in need of new entertainment. I’m obviously reading a lot now since I have challenged myself to read 52 books in 2012, but still… a pop culture geek like me needs a little something more. Luckily, there is Duets. Not the short story book we’ve been planning for a couple of years now; I mean the new singing competition.

It’s kind of a cross between American Idol and The Voice. Contests are chosen and mentored by name artists and compete each week to see who will come out on top. There’s a twist, though. Every week, these artists are competing alongside their celeb mentors as they duet on the star’s hits along with old favorites. There are seven weeks left in the competition and I think that Jennifer Nettles has it in the bag. Her pair is the strongest by far and have not failed to impress me yet.

I think that Kelly’s male contestant (Jason Farol) was excellent last week and got unfairly ranked. How does ranking work? The three stars (In this case, Jennifer, John Legend and Robin Thicke) who didn’t perform ranked Kelly’s duet partner. If Jennifer were singing, Kelly, John and Robin would be voting. I noticed that she’s been getting ranked pretty low and I wonder what’s going on with that. Yes, Jordan needs to relax a little bit and start to own the stage, but she’s hardly the worst up there and, again, Jason should not have been ranked as low as he was for that version of “Whenever You Call”.

John and Robin have some good singers with them as well, but I think (with the exception of new contestant Melana Brown) are a bit shaky and need different material. So what do you think of the show? Are you bunt out on singing competitions? Comment and let’s chat…